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Who is Ramprasad?

 Well,Ramprasad is that madman who was not a madman before some wellwishers taught him bridge. Before he lost his senelity,he somehow got a job.But the bridge virus already had him & the company wanted to do him good by transferring him to a bridgeless place.

Afraid to get drowned as there was no bridge to save him, coupled with the simple fact the he knew no swimming, he went the mahatma gandhi way-Quit India-I mean quit HCL.

The list of well wishers

1.Soumen Kaviraj alias Soumen Sengupta---taught him how to play the game of Bridge in 1983

2.Tushar kanti Mandal                             ---The same ,but he put a better effort

3.Prof.T.N.Ramaswamy                                        ----Introduced him with Contract Bridge in 1885

4.Mr.G.D.Prabhu                                                  ---- Taught him the great game of Bridge



The Beginning

The beginning was not very auspicious either. Amal Das (Pintu da ) of shyamnagar was my mentor or rather he selected myself as his mentor. In any case he gave me the required introduction & in a way he was the most sensible bridge player in shyamnagar.Though he was not a hot favourite among calcutta bridge players(his personal life had much to do with it),I respected him till the end,i.e,till Cancer got the better of him in 2005.

There were many misknowledgable & discouraging players nereby. But, fortunately, I had a coy of COBRA to show me the light.It is better than any bridge teacher. I am fortunate enough to pay my respect to Mr.Lindelof T last month(June 2006) when I stumble upon his mail ID.He was kind enough to send me a reply thro' his younger brother Eric.

Then came K.P.Chatterjee. I owe him the most (after G.D.Prabhu-of course).I played with him for about 3 years or so (It is not practically possible to partner him longer: such an eratic & indisciplined player.But a gem of a gentleman outside bridge table.