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How to insult a gentleman

February 4, 2007

After searching BBO in vain for reputed players in the sunday morning, I started to look in the chat section & happened to meet a group called IITians. some Indian & some Greek players.  They Invited me to join their group & as I accepted, they asked for a few boards. As I started playing, an important member of that group -Purnima, I think is her name- came & to make way for me, she logged out.

At this time Amalda, Amal Roy came to invite me for his son's wedding. Imagine my predicament. 

The first deal had just began & that too with the group I just joined & moreover Purnima left to accomodate me. 

On the other hand, Amalda, a perfect gentleman & a very busy person , who , practically does not have any connection with our club  or with me these days has come personally to invite me.

What to do?

I did just what every bridge player would do.

Put my eyes on the screen & my ears to him.

Hope, as another bridge player he  would understand.




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Bridge, Business & Bandhs

January 24, 2007

This is my second post after a gap of 3 months. In the meantime gallons of water flowed past the Adinala(aka-Adiganga alias the Didinala-named so after the rebel lady who resides beside it).

Meanwhile I went to Bhopal. Stayed at Indian coffee house. Good Hotel & even better food. However, the bridge tournament did not go well with us. Bought two beautifully crafted canvas bags to carry back the warm clothes we took as per the advice of Siddharthada's daughter & Paritoshda's demi daughter.

back at home Oindrilla kundu as well as Sree Cement -both were disasters.

But the major disaster is, perhaps, accepting AMC from cossipore GSF at rockbottom rate.

I am not sure whether I'll be able to service properly my faithful longtime customers-18 nonproductive copiers are going to keep me busy for the whole coming year.Lets hope I do not have to regret for my decision.

The stay at Siddharthada's home during sree cement tourn. was a gastronomical delight.Moreover boudi (siddharthada's wife) is a pleasure to talk to.I liked her.Got to invite her at my house soon.She is doing a very challenging & praiseworthy job by adopting a child & taking his complete responsibility at this age.The...


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visit to chinusra

November 17, 2006

Goutamda asked months back to keep myself free today.

                           No, not for a first day show to Casino Royale. He dosen't like Bond: or for that matter any other movies.

I strongly suspect that it is for  Kartika Pujo. Fearing I may not agree he keeps it a secret.

This morning he informs that his family is coming as well.Good. No, it could be bad also. Munia is a difficult girl to travel with. 

A simple lunch at  any roadside hotel is surely going to cost us one& half to two costly hours with Munia & Alex around.

I resisted a strong desire to invite them diner while returning as I didn't bring fish from  the market today & this godfearing couple & kids eat only fish & flesh.

Tried to take pictures of  Duck Pakhi with my newly acquired 300mm lens. But the bird was too clever for me.

Sending Pinu to get my blood reports. May need it before going to Bhopal.Hope LDL is within limit. 

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