Regional Engg. College Calicut

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REC days

An incomplete , inept & futile attempt to describe  the  days when time flew with a  Mach no. that will make the chief designer of NASA shuttles hide his face in shame.

Strange though,the same time stands still in my otherwise volatile memory. 

The Journey to calicut

The long jounney started with me almost missing Coromondal Express. Courtsey the delicious semi or quarter cooked chowmin at the Great Eastern counter at Howrah station.Today, after hundreds of Chowmins at countless joints, I understand why this century old hotel had to be sold to Lalit Suri.

However, the train journey ended at Calicut. A beautiful & clean waiting room  at the station is the place where I met Debasis Banerjee.If I knew that he will be the university topper after 4 years, I wouldn't have left his company.

By the way, I was his only college mate at his wedding. Poor Debasis. Just after marriage, he suffered from an incurable memory faliure syndrome. As I surmised from an ordnance factory document, he is now some joint G.M or something at AFK. How he works with such memory problem is a mystery.

There must have been some vile virus at REC. Because many students suffered from the same aliment.

For example, Sampath. Srirangam Rangarajan Sampath Iyenger. Son of a Pudukottai D.E.(telecom).I attended his marriage with Jayashree at Trichi.( Those days my regular dinner came from attending other's marriage & sometimes , If it was a lucky day, dresses also came free- as was the case when I attended Asis's marriage at Tinsukia). 

The Inevitable Ragging

Yes, It was not so good when at the receiving end & great from next year onwards. But looking back after all these years I have a strong feeling that it is good, that this practice should/must continue.All those newspaper reports could not change my opinion.Probably jayantanuj chatterjee,Bacchu Das & many others will vote in my favour.

Strangly,wandering thro' the net,I came across a blog the other day. A Malayali NRI -I forgot his name- now working at B'lore, posted this. He passed out probably last year & the description he gave matches ours. It gave me great satisfaction to know that the tradition is well continuing.

And why should not it continue? when was Tom Brown's School Days written?

The Hostel & The Mess.

Yes, the mess, 5 in number altogether, were really in a mess.

@ Rs. 10/- per day on an average ( during 1982-1986) & with the quality of food supplied, the wardens(Professors & lecturers), must have made Rs. 3-4/- per students/day. I can tell that fou sure as I have very good idea today as some of my friends are in this business.

This was the sole bad thing about REC Calicut.