Shyamnagar Card Club

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The Club

One of the oldest Contract Bridge Club in West Bengal & certainly the oldest in the dist. of 24 pgs(N).The club room was given to use for as long as the club exists by late Jitendra Nath (Badam) Sarkar;a very enthusiastic patron of this game at his time.The tables,chairs & electricity came free.The good gesture was carried on by his granddaughter Mrs.Anuradha Mitra & her husband Mr.Kishalay Mitra. 

Club Members

Siddheswar Bose:-The lifeforce behind the club.

Late D.N.Mukherjee:-The best & the most intutive natural player the club has ever produced.He had a very colourful life. A natural sportsman-which reflected on his bridge abilities.

Asim Ghose:-The less said,the better.

Ghatakbabu(Ananda Gopal Banerjee):-The gentleman perfect.

Dr.Bimal Mukherjee:-The President forever & the initiator of Contract Bridge in Shyamnagar. 

D.P.Bhattacharya(Debuda):-An excellent player with a lot of pre conceived misnotions.(Typical of Bhatpara Brahmins-Paschatya Vaidiks)

& the rest:-well,they are, actually, the rest. Nothing Mentionable. Perhaps the Cobra Protegee Ranjan Banerjee deserves a word or two- but that may wait till he earns his maiden  masterpoint.

Yuger Pratik Club

 The need for another practicing place was felt when club members increased in numbers & the junior members started to realise the importance of smoking as an aid to better(???) bidding & dirtier floor.

Satyabroto mukherjee( Buro-da) & Ranjit Pal (Tozu-da) was accomodating enough to offer Yuger Pratik Club premises for our practice.Sincere thanks to them.

This duo will come back again in the page- Bridge in the Shantipurlocal/Kalyani super.

The Club

This page will remain incomplet if the names of Late Parameswar Banerjee & Late Ajit Ghose are not mentioned.They helped in starting the table years after years  preciously at 19.30 hrs. till the late comers(experts) came & replaced them.